Pre Registration

When will Registration be open?

You can register on this web site. Register today…. CLICK HERE

Can my children run with me?

If your children are registered they can run. Only registered runners are allowed on the course.

Day of the Race

What time should I be at the race?

Shuttles will take participants to the start, the last shuttle will leave the Iron County Fairgrounds at 6:00 am. No private vehicles will be allowed to travel to the race starting location.

Packet Pick-Up
Friday, from 4-8 pm
Sat. from 5-6:45 am

Will my discarded clothing be returned to the finish line?

Yes after the last participant passes an aid station, discarded clothing will be picked up and returned to the finish line.

How long is the ride to the Start?

It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the lake.